Peterson 4 Piece DAMES Bypass Set


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Peterson 4 Piece DAMES Bypass Set


What makes Peterson world famous? One reason is the top quality tools we continue to develop for security professionals around the globe. Wherever you find locks, you find Peterson tools doing exactly what their names describe. Our DAMES Series bypass tools are no exceptions. They defeat many locking system’s Defences Against Methods of Entry. That’s how we made them, and that’s why professionals the world over depend on them. Sold together as a kit to save you money, the 4P-BPS is our first package of bypass tools we released, and it is still a great selling product because it saves you time and effort. Whether you are a large operation or a one person show, Time is Money! Our DAMES set will help make and save you both. Match it with a Peterson pick set for an unbeatable combination. 4 piece bypass kit: 1 knife, 1 mini-knife, 1 AR trip wire & 1 AD-B Padlock Tool



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