Peterson Adams Rite Push Wires


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Peterson Adams Rite Push Wires

Need a little push? Peterson’s Adams Rite Push Wires will give you the edge you’ve been looking for. Named for the short in & out pushing action required in deflecting the wires down off the opposing cylinder, these tools, & a little practice, can get the security professional through Adams Rite type hooks or deadbolts in less than 10 seconds! This kit pushes beyond other designs. Peterson’s unequalled wire quality allows penetration through keyways as narrow as 0.035,” with a memory that ensures strength and resiliency use after use. The ergonomic tool handles provide the leverage you need for full control and manipulation. Our selection of five different angles means always having the right tool for the job. Notice that we have also included a piece of our famous by-pass shim to assist you with the swing arm when required.

adamsrite Peterson Push Wires are designed with the Professional Locksmith in mind! IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT THE LOCKSMITH GAINS PRACTICE AND EXPERIENCE WITH THIS FINE SET OF TOOLS PRIOR TO A SERVICE CALL! While they will faithfully perform as advertised, familiarity and practice on a lock and cylinders assembled out of the door is very important, and will lead to immense satisfaction with these tools. The selection of tools allows the locksmith to fine tune the configuration of the wires to work as needed. Mastering this process insures competency in use and the skill for continual success.


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