Peterson Broken Drill Bit Extractor



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Peterson Broken Drill Bit Extractor

Broken drill bit got you stopped in you tracks? Why drill another hole when you bring Peterson’s “Triple Play” to the game? Our innovative Broken Drill Bit Extractor gives you three layers of hard biting, saw tooth jaws that prevent twisting and guarantee a solid grip. This precision instrument reaches up to 1-½” deep. We have been helping Safe Technicians extract broken bits 3/16 to 1/4 inch thick for many years. Good for other end on gripping needs as well.

BEWARE: We have received multiple reports that the Chinese are making knock off copies of our famous extraction tools. The tools look virtually identical, but the material is vastly inferior.

Also available in a long version :

Got yourself in deep? Then reach for Peterson’s Long Broken Drill Bit Extractor! A longer, government steel version of our standard bit extractor, this far reaching tool extends your grasp up to four inches. Recommended for use in drilled holes deeper than 1.5 inches.



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